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Anyone for Cricket?

Anyone for Cricket?

For those who don't know, cricket, not football, is actually the national sport of England. Its status has been in jeopardy for years yet it was once considered to be an intrinsic part of the culture of our country. So what happened?

Actually analysing what may or may not have contributed to its demise in popularity is a waste of time. What is marvellous news however is that the quintessential English game is making a revival, and about time too!

Where do Laceeze fit into this piece of marvellous news? Shoelaces come undone in all sports and being a mum to a 9 year old budding cricketer who suffers lace failure every time he engages in sport, they fit in very well indeed!

You can be forgiven for thinking Laceeze bands were only for football, they've certainly caught the attention of that market place but they are effective for a number of sports so when checking off your cricket kit list add a pair of Laceeze to it. Don't allow laces to stop the game, it's disruptive, annoying and just not cricket!

Our bands come in 6 vibrant colours to match the cricket 'brights' of today and we are considering introducing a 'white' to our armour as despite the ever changing colours of modern cricket apparel, there's nothing more pleasing than seeing the game played in traditional whites on a balmy summers day, it's just so calming and so 'cricket'.


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