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Laceeze more than just a brand

Empowering grassroots initiatives through contributions from each direct sale

Grassroots is at the heart of the brand and we support initiatives and causes

Equipment Donations

Helping under privileged community clubs/teams by donating items of kit/equipment

Raffle Donations

A popular fundraising method for clubs is through raffle ticket sales. We donate prizes and vouchers to many of these appeals

Personal Donations

Donations to help children access sport when they might not have any other option (each application considered on an individual basis)

Support Players/Clubs

Leveraging our network and community to help raise awareness of campaigns and initiatives

Why support Grassroots

Our founder, Emma Burke, is a mother of two incredibly active boys who have been involved in sports at the grassroots level since a young age. Emma highlights that these experiences have created some of the most cherished memories for her family.
Recognizing the significant underfunding of grassroots sports, with clubs and teams constantly in need of support, Emma and her co-founder were motivated to give back when they launched the Laceeze brand in 2017.

Through the sale of every pair of bands on our website, a portion of the proceeds is directed towards grassroots causes.
Emma emphasises that as our business expands, so does our commitment to this charitable aspect.

The Laceeze Foundation envisions a future where sports are accessible to all, aiming to support children from underprivileged backgrounds by providing funds and aiding clubs and teams in need.

How we can help you?

FOR INDIVIDUALS: We welcome applications for funding from anyone within the UK. This can be a request for help in finding a coach, paying for some equipment to get you started or help with subscription fees.
If you have a campaign and you would like us to share this with our community we can do this for you.

FOR CLUBS AND TEAMS: We can help donate prizes for fundraising and raffles. Support tournaments. Help provide information about grants. Share campaigns with our community. Please note we don't sponsor kits.

AFC Greencourt needed to replace their plastic goals to folding aluminium ones. They obtained a grant from The Football Foundation for 75% of the cost (£4000) and ran a fundraising effort for the remaining 25%. We helped donate towards this effort and they successfully reached their target.

Providing water bottles to Medway RFC - we recently donated a complete team water bottle set, complete with hygiene caps to facilitate sharing among the players. This club asked us to help as they are from an incredibly deprived area and it was apparent that some children didn't have the necessary equipment needed to play their sport

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where will the money go?
We welcome applications for funding from anyone within the UK. This can be a request for help in finding a coach, paying for some equipment to get you started or help with subscription fees. Each application will be viewed and verified on an individual basis.

Will I get the money I require?
We can’t help everybody as currently all money from the Laceeze Foundation comes directly from our sales but we promise to look at every application and if we can’t help immediately we may be able to do so at a later stage or direct you to other organisations who can help.

What type of funding can I apply for?
Everybody has different circumstances, some children may be invited to join a team or club but cannot afford the subscriptions or you may require some kit to just get started. We aim to support children at grassroots level and at this stage can’t support athletes on any elite development programmes.

Do you sponsor kits?
No, we don't sponsor kits, this is due to the cost involved which would prevent us from helping many others individuals.

How do I apply?

We initially are requesting an introduction email to

Please tell us a little more about yourself and the help that you may require.

How can I support the Laceeze Foundation?

The Laceeze Foundation funds come directly from sales of Laceeze bands. We will of course also welcome donations from benefactors which will enable us to support more children, or if you have an event coming up you could use this to raise money and awareness of this programme.

You can also support us by sharing our social media posts (find us on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter)