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Interview with Harris Jones - how Laceeze aids his football

Interview with Harris Jones - how Laceeze aids his football

Gareth Jones, devoted father to Harris, got in touch with us to let us know how wearing Laceeze bands has been a game changer for his son, his team mates and their coaches. Due to Cerebal Palsy, Harris finds it hard to tie laces when they come undone - so having a mechanism to keep them in place means him and his friends can enjoy the sport they love without interruptions. 

We were keen to hear more about Harris Jones who is quickly becoming a rising star for his club CP United.

Q1: How long have you been interested in football?

When I was 8 (now 15) years’ old I played for Lammack Juniors pan disability team and that’s when I got interested in football. But always found it tough trying to find football or exercise for my ability.

Q2: What is it about football that you enjoy?

I enjoy kicking the ball, being on the pitch and playing with my mates.

Q3: What have been your biggest personal challenges and everyday obstacles when playing the sport?

Getting blisters after every training session because of my splint. Even with the new speciality designed splint, it causes lots of blisters and makes walking very difficult.

Q4: When did you get involved with CP United and what difference did it make to you?

I started in 2020 and it made all the difference because I played with people who had something in common with me.

Q5: Can you describe what a typical training session with CP United is like?

The training sessions are technical and the coaches help you a lot. It’s really helped with my confidence.

Q6: What have been your sporting achievements to date?

I was awarded Players’ Player of the season for CP United 2022 and, earlier in 2016, I won Most Improved Player for my team Lammack Juniors.

Q7: What are you most proud of?

Getting voted Players’ Player by my team mates last year made me feel very proud. To be voted by my peers made it feel so much better and really helped build my confidence.

Q8: What advice would you give to other children with Cerebral Palsy that want to play sport?

My advice to anyone else diagnosed with Cerebal Palsy is simply to never give up. So much more is possible with the right mindset.

Q9: Is there anyone that inspires you to play sport? If so who and why?

I inspire myself because I want to be the best. I have never played football or sport because of someone, I do it to be best I can be every time. It also proves to others that anything is possible.

Q10: How has playing football helped you with confidence and making friends?

Having something in common with my team mates creates a bond between us. We can train together without prejudice and have a laugh too.

Q11: When did you discover Laceeze and how has wearing the bands helped you and other members of your team (including some of the coaches)?

My dad found Laceeze bands on Facebook and they have helped me so much. Wearing Laceeze helps me not worrying who has to do my laces when I’m training and out with my mates. The coaches benefit from wearing them too. Essentially wearing the bands helps us all focus on the game we love.



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