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Just a few reasons why kids should play sport.

Just a few reasons why kids should play sport.
Both Paula and Emma the co-founders of Laceeze will be found at the side of a pitch on the weekends usually in the cold and wet but they wouldn't have it any other way. Ask any of the other shivering parents and they too will probably give you the same answer!

As well as giving us a reason to get out of the house on the weekend, there are so many social and health benefits to playing sport not to mention a few hours off the X-box!!

Stating the obvious but children participating in sport improves physical health, Public Health England statistics show that a staggering 19.1% 10-11 year olds are obese with this figure likely to rise over the coming years.

The social skills that a child will develop particularly when playing a team sport are skills which will serve them throughout their life both on and off the sports field. Communication is key to any relationship, sports especially football and rugby are ideal for learning communication skills. In a world where we speak through computers so much who wouldn't want this for their child?

Participating in team sport will help build self esteem, confidence and teach you how to achieve your goals, all of these are vital skills to take you through your life.

When a child participates in any sport they will be required to follow rules, take direction from a coach or other players and sometimes accept bad decisions (as parents we install that the referee is always right even if we don't agree 100% with the sentiment at times!!!) listening to peers and coaches is a really important life skill.

When a child first participates in a sport sometimes controlling emotions can be a hard thing to do but the more they compete the more they realise that they can't always win and learn to behave in an acceptable manner. There is nothing worse than bad sportsmanship.

I want to end this blog talking about commitment and dedication (not just that of the Mum or Dad taxi service)but whatever level your child participates at and whatever the sport there is a degree of commitment that they have to give to training and competing. Be it turning up week in week out for training or giving up some of their weekend to join their team for a match, wonderful skills where they know that they have a responsibility to their team mates or club.

Personally there is no better feeling as a parent watching your child run out onto a pitch, do something amazing and see

his/her team mates celebrating together, even on a cold winters morning!


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