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Laceeze are on the Cool List.....

Laceeze are on the Cool List.....
Laceeze are now on the 'cool list' as well as the kit list.

Laceeze is growing fast, it's fantastic, it's what we set out to do.

Every day sees increased sales and new ambassadors coming on board from the world of sport across the UK and internationally. Today we dispatched bands to Canada. This gives us a really warm glow. It also satisfies us to know the owners of these beautiful British bands will be able to focus on their game, no lace distraction.

The coaches will need to plan more drills to fill in the laces gap now too! Win win.

Although we wanted to make the bands appealing aesthetically, which we believe we have managed to do, the most important thing was to provide a solution to an age old problem, flailing laces, so imagine when it starts becoming apparent that kids are requesting Laceeze because they are 'cool'. In fact it's true to say we saw a pair of Laceeze bands adoring laceless boots recently!

So as we strive to get on every kit list we are embracing and loving being very much on the cool list! Thank you to the cool kids around the globe for loving our product as much as we do.

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