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Laceeze Shoots for Grassroots

Laceeze Shoots for Grassroots
Laceeze Shoots for Grassroots

Jeremy Corbin has pledged in his manifesto to address the financial disparity in the world of football. The featured fixture being Grassroots v Professional. Politics and football meet again but who will come out victorious? I'm not going to give my political view, that's way too risky, not going to say what we might do, anyone is capable of that. No, let's tell you what we are doing, right now.

Laceeze donates a percentage of profit back to grassroots sports clubs on a daily basis through our ever expanding ambassador programmes. Right now Grassroots clubs are getting money to spend on kits and equipment and it's all being raised by the amazing children and coaches who live and breathe Grassroots. It's a proven formula. We thought about how we could help, we came up with the idea, we implemented it, simples!

Whatever your political persuasion, you don't need to wait to help. Come and join our band today and help reinvest money in projects where it's needed most.

Talk is cheap after all, get involved in the action!


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