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Laces come undone....It's science!!!

Some of our sceptics will say "why don't you teach kids to tie their laces properly" or "whats wrong with a double knot?" For parents with children who suffer from lace failure you will know they have tried everything. I am one of those parents myself and on many an occasion I've called my son over done a tight knot, double knot, fisherman's knot, granny knot, you name it I've tried it only to see a flailing lace five minutes later. Maybe its the way I have tied it, maybe its the shiny lace? maybe the lace is too short or too long? Surely after thirty (something!!!!) years I would be capable of tying a shoelace?

Well science has given us the answer and it is due to mine or my sons incompetence (phew!!)

A report carried out by Mechanical engineers at UC Berkeley has showed us what happens to your lace when you run....

Here's how shoelace knots come undone, according to the paper. When you run, your foot hits the ground with a force seven times harder than the force of gravity alone. All that impact makes the knot in your laces stretch and then relax while the action of swinging your leg pulls on the end of your laces. In other words, the very action you lace up for also conspires to untie them. The researchers found these forces could lead to the failure of a knot in just a few strides.

"Some laces might be better than others for tying knots, but the fundamental mechanics causing them to fail is the same, we believe," Gregg said. "The interesting thing about this mechanism is that your laces can be fine for a really long time, and it's not until you get one little bit of motion to cause loosening that starts this avalanche effect leading to knot failure."

Whilst the report only tells us why laces come undone, Laceeze have the solution. Our silicon band will wrap around your football/rugby boots or astros and hold the lace in place so you can get on with your game.


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