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Look, Feel and Play your best

Look, Feel and Play your best
What you wear for sport can impact on your performance, safety and comfort. Football and Rugby in particular, is played throughout the year and in many different forms so it's important that you're prepared for all possibilities.

As the temperature drops and the wind and rain arrives it is essential to be appropriately dressed.


Base layers sometimes called skins or under armour regulate the temperature of your body to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. They work by trapping a thin layer of air between the base layer and the skin and in the summer improves heat loss through evaporation.

By regulating the body’s temperature, base layers ensure your performance isn’t affected by being too hot or cold. Base layers compress key muscle areas helping to improve circulation and get more oxygen to those muscles which in turn decreases recovery time and helps to prevent injuries, fatigue and muscle strains


Cold hands are painful and difficult to warm up when outside, gloves will help keep your hands warm, prevent injuries and help with grip when receiving the ball in rugby or football throw ins. When buying winter outfield gloves, look for ones which are a snug fit, breathable, water resistant and with appropriate grip. Wooly gloves are not recommended.


Another essential bit of kit when the mercury drops are hats/beanies. No doubt you have heard that body heat is lost through your head, approximately 7% (according to the British Medical Journal) but cold ears also sting so a beanie will cover these as well. It is common place to see professional players wearing beanies nowadays and with there being no specific ruling against it in RFU and FA laws it is something to be considered as part of your winter sports kit.

As part of our defiance range we have a winter care pack which contains a baselayer, beanie, thermal outfield gloves and a pair of Laceeze bands. We think we have winter covered, have you?


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