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Pan Disability Football Link Up

Pan Disability Football Link Up

Laceeze humbled by PAN disability link up

Laceeze have recently formed partnerships with two academies associated with disability football in the Midlands and have a junior ambassador playing for a disability football team.

Laceeze bands are already a huge hit within the football community with hundreds of grassroots clubs joining their ambassador programme. The programme provides donations directly back into grassroots clubs to help them buy equipment for their youth teams.

The link with grassroots disability and pan- disability football takes the Laceeze story to a chapter it hadn't seen coming. Laceeze were aimed at smaller children initially, now though, the company is seeing a huge surge in sales for the adult market and in particular from the disability market.

A spokesperson for Birmingham Impact Academy has said that the bands help young adults play their game without the distraction of laces coming undone. For many of us laces coming undone is just annoying, for some people with physical disabilities it is a huge issue. Also some young adults with learning difficulties become anxious with their laces coming undone and their concentration interrupted, their confidence is knocked by unwanted attention. Since using Laceeze bands the disability teams have benefited hugely from increased focus, fewer interruptions and more independence. They also share common ground with other Laceeze wearers, they just love the product and wear the bands with a huge amount of pride.

Laceeze owners Paula Henley and Emma Burke are very keen to hear from other grassroots and pan-disabilities teams to discuss how Laceeze bands can work for them both on and off the pitch.


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