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Ambassadors Content Ideas

Need some video inspiration? 

Here are some suggestions for creating standout content:

  1. Product demonstrations: Showcase the functionality and versatility of Laceeze bands and Defiance clothing by demonstrating how they enhance performance and comfort during your favourite sport. Whether it's demonstrating how Laceeze bands keep your laces in place during matches or showing off the durability and style of Defiance clothing in action, visual demonstrations can be highly effective in highlighting the benefits.
  2. Before-and-after comparisons: Capture before-and-after shots or videos to illustrate the difference Laceeze bands and Defiance clothing make in your performance or appearance. Comedy always works really well on videos too. The sillier the better! What could have happened without the Laceeze?
  3. Tutorial and how-to guides: Create tutorial videos that provide helpful tips and guidance on how to use Laceeze bands and style Defiance clothing for different activities. For example; have you tried mix and matching the band colours - that can look really cool!
  4. Personal testimonials: Share your personal experiences and testimonials about how Laceeze bands and Defiance clothing have positively impacted your athletic performance, style and confidence. Did wearing the bands help you score that winning goal and lead your team to victory?
  5. Collaborations and challenges: Collaborate with fellow team mates, influencers, or friends to create collaborative content or challenges (perhaps share skills and tricks) featuring Laceeze bands and Defiance clothing. Don’t forget you can request an exclusive discount code to share with your audience too. 
  6. Challenges and games: race to tie the lace and put on the bands. Trick shots with bands in place, blind fold penalty shoot out, 

Remember to keep your content authentic, creative, and aligned with your personality. Don't forget to tag @Laceeze and include our hashtag #dontstopthegame so we can find and reward your content!

Thank you once again for being an integral part of the Laceeze family. We can't wait to see the amazing content you'll create and the impact you'll continue to make as a Laceeze Brand Ambassador!



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