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Why Laceeze Bands?

Ask any coach, parent or referee what is a common problem in kids sport and they will probably tell you that it's shoe laces coming undone!
It certainly was a common occurrence with our founders son and it was through this frustration that the idea of Laceeze bands was born. Launched in the UK in 2017 we have sold 100,000's of bands.
Just think how much time has been saved not stopping the game for lace retying!!


Shoe laces coming undone during sport is a real problem especially in youth sports, regardless of whether you tie a double knot or not. Games have to be stopped to enable the player, coach or referee to re-tie the laces, but now there is a solution.


Laceeze are silicon bands which wrap around a sports shoe holding the lace and knot in place, ensuring that all you have to focus on is your game!



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Durable & Strong, made from high quality silicon with internal ridges

Secure Fit - easily wraps around your sports shoe and stays in place

Suitable for use with studs, mould or astros

Size Guide

Laceeze Original

Laceeze Max


c13 - 6

6.5 onwards


32 - 39

40 onwards


1 - 8.5

9 onwards

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See why 1000's of customers trust Laceeze

Great Product

Great purchase. I have ordered 4 lots of these now after purchasing for my son. Ended up buying for friends in his football team as Christmas and birthday gifts.

- DebbieT

Highly recommended!

Foolproof way to ensure our son's laces don't come undone!

- Mike Aylott

Does the Trick

Brought these for Step Daughter, Step Son and my self for our boots. More so for Step son as his laces always kept coming under done. Not had to do the laces once with these on his boots. Works a treat and would recommend.

- Sebastian Mc

Multi buy savings

Laceeze Original

Laceeze Max

2 Pairs



3 Pairs





Tie your laces in a single knot


Place your Laceeze band around your boot with the widest part covering the lace knot


Play your sport without stopping to retie your laces. When you're done just remove and set aside for next time.